Monday, June 22, 2009

Imminent Adventure

So another year has come and gone, I would just like to know where I was for it?

Anyways, The grand Oregon tour is approaching rapidly, and by rapidly I mean the end of this week beginning of next. The exact date is completely confidential and known only to those who will be traveling in the sexy beast (sexy beast is the truck).
I'm really excited for this trip.

Oh and I have made a recent purchase of a brand new shockproof, waterproof, digital camera.
YAY! I'm confident this one will last longer than my previous cameras...

Okay thats all there should be pictures from said trip and camera soon.

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J said...

congrats on the trip and the new camera!

hi I'm J. I'm from northern Cali. I hope you will read my blog and drop me a comment. take care!