Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello Readers!

I have no idea how many of you there are but I hope you all forgive me for not blogging lately.

It has been and exciting couple of weeks, not only have I been sick with a cold and possibly some dehydration, My Daddyo was home all of last week so i spent most evenings with my Family.

Today was really exciting I got my first ever pair of glasses!!!!

Here is a picture...

Don't I look adorkable!?!?!?!?

Anyways, also on sunday me and Christy purchased our tickets for DISNEYLAND!!!

We are going the 10th of march through the 12th we are taking Christys sis Winnie with us and we are so excited we can hardly wait!!!

Ok for my final pics of the day the is one of the duck and one of Miss Hanna Done,

Peace & Love

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I climbed up on my roof again today,

And I helped to solve a mystery at Y/W's. Yeah I'm now Laurel Pres. too...

Just when i thought i would be able to move on from Y/w's i got the call.

But I'm excited I get a chance to serve again.

I curled my hair today...

I realize this is boring and I'm working on somthing more exciting than my day to day life..

Suggestions are welcomed. And even wanted.

Peace & Love.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Today I went to work, yes I usually dont go in on mondays or fridays but Miss Sheri needed some help and I wasn't going to do anything productive anyways so I went in.

After work me and my mom drove around town in our 'new' convertible (it was new in '98)

it was alot of fun and I took some fun pictures

I love to photograph arcitecture I find it absolutley fasinating this is located on the corner of Scottsdale RD and Mcdowell

This is todays sunset, Ta da

Peace & love

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Okay so I have lots to Catch up on, Yesterday I finally conquered camleback!!!

This is a picture of my foot on the edge of the top.

WARNING TO THOSE SCARED OF HEIGHTS:You might not want to look at this to closely =)

While I was at the top of the mountain, I called one of my best friends who is attending BYU Provo, he received his mission call to Anchorage, Alaska Spanish speaking mission

Now obviously I did not take this picture of him reading his call cause I'm still in AZ, but his sister did, so I thought I would share... CONGRATS SAM!!!

So I did not take any pictures today due to the fact I woke up the sorest I have ever been and with the beginnings of a cold AND because I didn't do anything except go to church and I didn't take my camera there for obvious reverence reasons.

Church was awesome as usual I overcame my shyness and bore my testimony, I hope it was OK and I didn't ramble to much because I honestly don't remember what all I said.

Sorry there is only two pictures in the future I may start only doing one because I keep staying up later and later to update this blog and the post are never as good as if I was well rested

Peace & Love.