Wednesday, August 17, 2011

River Shenanigans

I have a new favorite pass time.
River tubing.
Me and my good friend Tia are a couple of river rats we go float the salt river every chance we get.

Here's Tia

My river shoes

Trenton my good friend and Tia's cousin came with us the last time we went

It was a perfect day.

Its such a chill thing to do

Trenton didn't catch anything although he fished most of the time

at one point our bucket came untied so I had to chase after it.

We love the river!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My 100th post.

I wanted to do this post 100 things on my bucket list, but i could only come up with 50.
For now it will do...

1.       Finish reading Les Miserables
2.      See a firefly
3.      Own a Disneyland annual pass
4.      Be a really good successful Photographer with my own business
5.      Get married in the temple
6.      See New York
7.      See Hawaii
8.      Go on a cruise
9.      Finish school
10.   Be debt free
11.    Central park
12.   Have children
13.   Ride in a taxi
14.   Disneyworld
15.   See a Broadway play on Broadway
16.   Learn to surf
17.   Learn to snowboard
18.   Travel overseas
19.   See all 50 states
20.  Drive from west to east
21.   Grand canyon
22.  Ride a subway
23.  Read my children books
24.   Learn to ballroom dace
25.  Drive a VW camper van up the west coast
26.  Raft down the grand canyon and rouge river
27.  Scuba diving
28.  See and opera
29.  Write a west coast travel book
30.  Visit Austria
31.   Read all of Shakespeare plays
32.  Go whale watching
33.  See Mount Rushmore.
34.  Go to London
35.  Go to Paris
36.  Sell your original artwork to a stranger.
37.  Swim with the dolphins
38.  Try sailing
39.  Venice
40. Go canoeing
41.   See the northern lights
42.  Ride horses on the beach
43.  Write and illustrate a children’s book
44. Ride in a hot air balloon
45.  Take a canopy tour
46. Ride the 10 largest roller coasters in the world.
47.  Stonehenge
48. See mount Rushmore
49. See The Louvre, Paris, France
50.  Sing to my children.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A poem from a friend

My friend Amy (from work) wrote me this poem, it made my life.

Ode To Your Mermaid Hair

Tinky, Winky, Dipsy, LaLa, Po
One of these teletubies you are and know.
As you long-board behind Pete's,
your street name you surpass.
With skills like lil'T you try to match.
But of all your Qualities the one I envy most
is your long wavy flaxen hair of which I boast.
Braided up or braided down
it leaves me with a jealous frown.
Someday if I eat a lot of jello
my hair will reach that of yours
but not quite as yellow.
Some say its creepy,
 I dream of you in a mermaid tail,
but I say NO!
She's my friend and appreciates it that I know
I imagine us on a glistening beach
with our long wavy hair and spandex tails,
every boys fantasy we would reach.
For now I'll lust from afar
your hair blowing in your VW car.

Written with Love
-Amy Thompson
(aka) Lil'T