Monday, March 7, 2011

Me the seventh.

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item
 This one really made me think. The list of items that are dear to me is long.
 But the first thing that came to my head when I read "day 7" was Griz Biz Bear.

                                 This is what he looks like currently:

             Griz has a long history in my family. When my parents were still dating, my mom lived in New Jersey as a Nanny and my dad was in Oregon. My parents are both romantics at heart,  (Too bad I never inherited that trait!) My mother sent a letter to my dad and told him a bunch of lovey dovey stuff including how she missed the way he smelled. My father being suave went and bought the bear you see above and wrapped it in a shirt he had worn for a few days (I know gross, right, "I love you here is my sweaty shirt" is what all women want to hear) .
       After they got married and had me a few years later, Griz became a family theme, I adopted Griz as my own and as you can see he was well loved. Griz was my teddy bear, if I didn't have him, (or the other 5 stuffies I carried with me) I wouldn't sleep. He has moved everywhere and been on many vacations, even as I got older and ditched all my other stuffed friends (except Emily the elephant who lost a leg and had to be retired), Griz came with me, stuffed unceremoniously into my pillowcase.
I have since stopped sleeping with my friend Griz, but every once in a while when the insecurity monster rears its ugly offensive head, Griz Biz Bear is there for a hug.

P.s. He lost is eyes in a fight with one of the new puppies. In case you wanted to know. 

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