Thursday, August 4, 2011

A poem from a friend

My friend Amy (from work) wrote me this poem, it made my life.

Ode To Your Mermaid Hair

Tinky, Winky, Dipsy, LaLa, Po
One of these teletubies you are and know.
As you long-board behind Pete's,
your street name you surpass.
With skills like lil'T you try to match.
But of all your Qualities the one I envy most
is your long wavy flaxen hair of which I boast.
Braided up or braided down
it leaves me with a jealous frown.
Someday if I eat a lot of jello
my hair will reach that of yours
but not quite as yellow.
Some say its creepy,
 I dream of you in a mermaid tail,
but I say NO!
She's my friend and appreciates it that I know
I imagine us on a glistening beach
with our long wavy hair and spandex tails,
every boys fantasy we would reach.
For now I'll lust from afar
your hair blowing in your VW car.

Written with Love
-Amy Thompson
(aka) Lil'T

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