Saturday, September 24, 2011

Intro to Oregon

.:Oregon is where my heart lives:.

My adventure began with a 10:30 flight out of PHX airport, we landed in San Francisco a short time later, where I would be for the next three hours until my flight to North Bend.

Imagine my surprise in looking out the window to discover I am in the same part of San Fran as my Dear Cabbage (Cabbage is a close friend who is on his mission in south San Fran)

It was a long wait, I bought my self a bright green San Francisco sweat shirt, ate some Chinese food and waited
Bought a few postcards to send to Cabbage
waited some more
until finally I said farewell to one of my favorite cities and boarded the plane set for Oregon

Don't worry San Fran!
I will be back again soon to see you for more than three hours!

I arrived at North Bend airport into the waiting embrace of my lovely Grandma, We got my luggage, grabbed some dinner and a few groceries and started the hour long car ride to my grandparents house.

I was greeted my all the familiar sights and sounds of my first home, my Aunt and two cousins (my only cousins on my mom's side of the family) came down the hill to see me and I went to bed happy and content to be "home".

The next morning was a flurry of packing, this time for Girls camp, My grandpa made me some delicious waffles which I promptly devoured with homemade strawberry freezer jam YUM!
Poppy makin waffles!
One of the many cats enjoying a sliver of sun
Waffles and Jam!

 After waffles and packing I went into the front yard to wander, and enjoy the beautiful weather.
This is my cousin Nicholas, he loves it when I take pictures of him with my grandma's dog blossom.
Nicholas is autistic.

These tiny daisys grow all over my grandparents yard, since I was little they have been my favorite.
My poppy always waits to cut the grass and these little flowers until after I have seen them.
Thank you Poppy

We gave my grandmother this dog a few years back, Blossom is so loved and completely spoiled!

Another one of my favorite flowers that grows on a vine by the shed.

The old apple tree

Wild buttercups that grow by the woods

Some of my Grandma's calla lillies

After wandering around, the rest of the people going to Girls camp with us still hadn't arrived,
I went back around the front to continue waiting...

My Poppy is a hilarious guy!
I adore him!

Fresh picked strawberry's from the garden!

The next Oregon post will be about girls camp, so be ready.

XO -Ambergirl

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