Sunday, February 1, 2009

Okay so I have lots to Catch up on, Yesterday I finally conquered camleback!!!

This is a picture of my foot on the edge of the top.

WARNING TO THOSE SCARED OF HEIGHTS:You might not want to look at this to closely =)

While I was at the top of the mountain, I called one of my best friends who is attending BYU Provo, he received his mission call to Anchorage, Alaska Spanish speaking mission

Now obviously I did not take this picture of him reading his call cause I'm still in AZ, but his sister did, so I thought I would share... CONGRATS SAM!!!

So I did not take any pictures today due to the fact I woke up the sorest I have ever been and with the beginnings of a cold AND because I didn't do anything except go to church and I didn't take my camera there for obvious reverence reasons.

Church was awesome as usual I overcame my shyness and bore my testimony, I hope it was OK and I didn't ramble to much because I honestly don't remember what all I said.

Sorry there is only two pictures in the future I may start only doing one because I keep staying up later and later to update this blog and the post are never as good as if I was well rested

Peace & Love.

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