Wednesday, July 13, 2011

For the love of Harry Potter.

I am one of the biggest Harry Potter fans you will ever meet.
And there are a lot of us out there.
I started reading the books when I was 9 years old, at the time me and my parents lived in a fifth wheel trailer in Las Vegas Nevada and several places in California.
 I feel in love with the books and the boy who lived under the stairs. I live in cramped quarters and I empathized with him.
 Harry Potter set off my already vivid imagination and me and my mom quickly moved through all three books that were out at the time.
When I was ten about a month before my 11th birthday the first Harry Potter movie was released.
I can still remember sitting in the theater watching my favorite story come to life before my eyes, true there were (in my eyes) mistakes or parts left out but I was excited all the same. I grew along side the books and movies for the next ten years watching the actors and fully believing I should have had the part of Hermione in the movies (I do love Emma Watson now though) and I never stopped waiting for own Hogwarts letter.
 I spent hours on the interactive Harry Potter websites, and even had my grandfather make me several wands. I reread the books more times than I can remember. (I'm not exaggerating ether, I really have read them each over 20 times)
With the final instalment of the last movie set to come out on Friday, you better believe I already have my ticket and my wand and I will be in costume to see it at the midnight showing.
I never stopped believing in magic.
I never stopped waiting for my letter.
I never believed my Dumbledore was gay despite what GAY. K. Rowling has said.
I knew Snape couldn't be evil.
I solemnly swore I was up to no good on multiple occasions.
Weasly will always be my king
I would have joined S.P.E.W if Hermione had only asked
I would have Joined Dumbledores Army too
I always knew Ron and Hermione would end up together
I cried when Sirius, Dumbledore, Hedwig, Mad Eye, Dobby, Fred Weasly, Lupin and Tonks died.
I will cry when the last movie is over.
I have my own cloak
my own wands
my own marauders map
and Harry Potter ultimate edition #1

I have been a fan and I will continue to be a fan for the rest of my life, my children will be raised with  Harry Potter just like I was.

Mischief managed my friends.

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