Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas, Birthday, New Years, Car wreck and Jobs

Christmas was fantastic!

our family got the best gift we could possibly recive,
My dad got a job,
he will be travleing alot but we are just really really thankful we wont lose our house.
So a big thank you to all those who kept us in your prayers :D

My 18th birthday party was all great and a little confusing i had a huge mix of friends
i had old friends and new friends, and my grand parents even got here to enjoy my party
thank you mom for providing good food, and jello cake
and thanks to Winnie for making me cake too.

New years was fun
the highlights were setting off fire works at a bon fire
and kudos to Trenton for his duct tape top hat

beside all that exciting stuff Sam and Angela where visiting from BYU
I was awesome to see them
and big thank you to Angela for helping me with
Stuff for SCC
You rock!

last Wednesday my Momma was in a Car accident she is ok now and she only suffered soreness and a bruised tongue but our poor car has suffered 11,000 dollars worth of damage
we dont know if they will total it or not.

peace out.

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