Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ok so this may look like a totaly random picture and it kind of is,
these are the props I used in the drama class I taught this morning
It was so great to see the kids grasp the concepts of drama
for example never turning your back to the audience
some of the kids didnt quite get it and/or remember
but when the did get it, talk about a wow moment!
seeing somthing you've taught take hold makes me have THE BEST JOB EVER!!!

To the right is a pictue of our poor car, it didn't look like this right after the wreck but as you can see from the weel it was pretty gruesome.
oh and sorry for the shadow that's perty shoddy camera work on my part

Here we have a wall of paper,
I went to the scrap booking store today and snaped what i think is a totaly cool picture.
Random I know.

Ok so thats it for today's pictures. I hope that by doing pictures each day will help with my photography and journal keeping skills.
Who know's it might help with the whole wrighting thing too.

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