Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Favorite thing about eating Gummy bears
is knowing that they can't fight back when you bite there heads off. -Pon and Zi comic
I bought gummy bears today.

Today after work, and shopping we came home and the dogs had there tender little noeses up against the gate it was precious!

After exercising of the calories from the Gummy bears I ate, me and my momma did some harvesting in our garden. I found a carrot man, he wasn't to happy about being picked...
Have a happy day and,
Peace & Love.


Remideelove said...

So, I figure I had better start leaving comments before you start yelling at me. xD JK.

I LOVE all three of these pictures! They are just so artistic, especially the last one.

& gummy bears!!! Yum!
<3 Christy

lynnsi said...

hi amber! i love your blog!


PS.i can make a video like that but it is really hard!