Thursday, January 22, 2009

If I had known the Eiffel Tower was so close I would have gone to see it sooner!

Anyways we played with string today and I learned to turn the wiches broom into the Eiffel Tower it was super entertaining.

After I rode my bike home and cleaned the house me and BuddyRo (aka Brusier) did some strength training, he almost pulled me over as I tried to photograph the activity.

We got an awesome suprise today! My daddy came home a whole day early! We went and got him and then went out to ea at Famos Daves, (so good!) there is this "hunk" in the entry and he was just so cute I couldnt resist...


I had some complaints about there only being one picture yesterday, so here is a bonus picture for today!

I climbed up on to my roof and my flip-flop fell off so i took a picture of it

Can you say random?


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